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The Manhattan Declaration



I’m firmly committed to updating this site at least once every three years whether it needs it or not! 

This is home for whatever online experiments I happen to be fiddling with at the moment. I added a quick demo of how using a PayPal button to collect money might look like and how it works – available at the Lunch Counter.

Once in a great while I still get to fiddle around with PHP scripting and various database links – such as mySQL, as seen at Tri-Valley Conference Soccer Scores and Standings or the FileMaker, MS Access and MS SQL Server links I’ve been testing at work. Although lately at work, I’ve been working on automating variable data digital print workflows for direct mail using Objectif Lune’s PlanetPress Suite, BCC MailManager 2010 with some VB Script and AWK thrown in on the side.

Some day soon has finally arrived, thanks to WordPress. I’ve been promising to improve the look of the information around here – now it’s been done. I’m sure I’ll continue to fiddle, as time allows – it’s still a spare time thing. 

This links to a PDF of the invoice DPI used to respond to junk faxes we receive. We charge $100.00 per page. The highly secret, automated fax spell-checking software has never detected a spelling error yet. Amazingly enough, we still get people submitting faxes for this service. :’)

Every Monty Python fan’s favorite breakfast meat, and the bane of everybody who uses email – Spam. What can you do about it? Slightly updated November 2009.